Tuesday, July 13, 2010

East Oakland HH Tour

Sunday, August 1st
Noon to 3pm
RSVP!   And we will send you the addresses of the locations.

Come and check out what the homos are doing in our own back yards.  The East Oakland Tour will highlight queers collectively and community organizing for social and environmental justice as well as a pretty great look at what a couple of gays can do at their homes in very little time.

Meeting at Noon SHARP! @ Elephant House
A whimsical spot where we will nibble on fermented goodies, while being shocked and inspired by what queers can do with an Oakland back yard in only one year's time.  Newer to the Bay Areas, the Elephant House has been putting in raised beds, rain barrels, chickens, bees, upside down planters, and more at their house.  We may be helping them start an herb spiral as well!

Then on to SOL @ 1:30pm
Sustaining Ourselves Locally is a collective that is transforming an urban space into a center for sustainable living.  Sol continues to revitalize their site, formerly a vacant lot, by cleaning out garbage, nourishing the soils, and planting fruit trees and vegetables, reroute their water into garden greywater treatment, and to design on-site environmental education programs. By growing organic food, conserving and recycling resources, and organizing community events and workshops, they are exploring ways to make the city more healthy and liveable for all its inhabitants.