Wednesday, April 13, 2011

HomoMade Bike Tour - June 19th!!

Its been a longggggg time since i've sent out much of anything related to HomoHomestead (which is now being called HomoMade...get it?  Home + Homo + Made = HomoMade or as a friend said, like "making" homos!).  This is due to some injuries, some workin', some weather and some lost time. 
But... we are back for the spring and summer fun times!

This year we will be kicking off our HomoMade Bike Tours with another DirtStar collaboration as part of the National Queer Arts Festival.
Sunday, June 19th, we will be touring some amazing queer dirt projects - farms, container gardens, animal husbandry, kitchen witchery and rounding our tour out at DirtStar home the Luggage Store and its Tenderloin National Forest.

I need your help!  Please consider if you can help with any of the following in order to make this another fabulous DirtStar and HomoMade Tour:
* I need spaces for the tour!!! Do you garden, farm, make fermented things, belong to a community garden or city-steading project, have chickens, rabbits, goats, bees??? Do you live in a space without any dirt but want to host a mini workshop on container gardening or making tinctures or sauerkraut??  I need at least two - three other spaces to host tours to show off their fabulous projects.  Since its a bike project they should be within reasonable distance from the Tenderloin.  Please let me know ASAP!
*  Are you savvy at computers and making online maps?  Phew!  cuz i sure am not.
*  Donate your culinary skills to providing homomade snacks for the tour.
******Traffic wranglers and bike mechanics to be on hand at tour!!!  Such an important job!!  I will need at least two ppl to help but more is better

Thanks and please spread the word!

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